Experience Oxford

Our mission at Oxford Academy is to promote a safe, supportive and challenging environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal growth. Tolerance and diversity is part of the educational experience at Oxford Academy. We are committed to instilling in each child, a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks and to accept challenges with confidence in a nurturing environment.

Our students work independently and in groups. Our students are problem solvers and decision makers. The children learn the importance of time management. They work freely with others and have good communication skills that help to ease their way into new settings. The habits a child develops at Oxford Academy will last a lifetime. These skills will help children work proficiently, observe thoroughly and concentrate successfully.  At Oxford Academy our students develop a strong self-worth based on self-directed, noncompetitive activities. This allows children to develop a good self-image, face new challenges and change with confidence.

"The first duty of an education is to stir up life, but leave it free to develop."-Maria Montessori


Weekly Yoga

Yoga is offered to the children in the primary and elementary classrooms weekly. Yoga helps to strengthen not only the body but the mind and helps kids to feel more powerful and confident in who they are.  Yoga is about so much more than just physical poses. It’s about teaching kids to have faith in themselves, to believe that they can do anything, and to trust their own thoughts and instincts.

E-mail Addresses

Please use the following e-mail addresses when contacting the Oxford Academy Faculty:

Shelley Rosso (Administration) shelleyatoxford@gmail.com

Natasha Kumar (Lead Teacher - Birch Room, Lower Elementary, Yoga and French) natashaatoxford@gmail.com

Liz Emery (Lead Teacher - Magnolia Room, Primary) lizatoxford@gmail.com

Judy Goral (Lead Teacher-Redbud Room, Primary) judyatoxford@gmail.com

Melissa Salk (Lead Teacher - Catalpa Room, Director of Elementary) melissaatoxford@gmail.com

Tina Wallace (Lead Teacher - Maple Room, Toddler Director) tinaatoxford@gmail.com