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Parent Talk

The Parent Talk System is a style of communicating with children that creates emotionally healthy family relationships. It is a skill-based program that teaches parents a series of verbal skills and language patterns to help them achieve their desired objective of raising responsible, respectful children while reducing stress, strain, and family conflict.  Please check out our weekly Parent Talk board and take along a parent talk card.  Visit the link below to read more newsletters from Chick Moorman.

About Chick Moorman

Chick has over 40 years experience as an educator and parent. The ideas he presents are functional, and can be put to use immediately. His ideas produce results.
  • Learn how to speak in words that nurture, uplift, and inspire.
  • Learn how to hold children accountable for their actions without attacking their spirit or personality.
  • Learn how to set appropriate limits and make controlled choice work for you.
  • Learn to praise in ways that help children develop a strong internal sense of self-esteem.
  • Learn language that promotes independence while reducing learned helplessness.
  • Add to your tool box of parenting skills so that you and your child can become more Response-Able.