Elementary Scrapbook

Striking the imagination…

United States Presidents and their First Ladies/Explorers’Luncheon – November

The upper and lower elementary students explored the genre of biographies during the month of November. The cultural luncheon celebration consisted of a patriotic family-style dining experience and surprise visitors such as: Lewis and Clark, Louise Boyd, the young Eleanor Roosevelt, the adult Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Marco Polo, the young Jackie Kennedy, the adult Jackie Kennedy, Michele Obama, and Martha Washington. 

Greek Cultural Luncheon – October

The Catalpa and Birch Rooms celebrated the Ancient Greek Civilization on Friday, October 26.  In lieu of a commercialized October celebration, the  children dove into the culture of the birthplace of Western Civilization. Our exploration of the fabled land of Greece brought life to the legends of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and gave context to Greek mythology and history. A metric Olympics was held as the students made predictions and estimated using the metric system.  The cotton ball shot put, the paper straw javelin, and paper plate discus were just three of the six events that related to measuring in metric units.  The children learned the history on things related to the Olympics, such as the meaning behind the symbols and the Olympic Flame.The kids enjoyed a mid-morning snack of Greek yogurt topped with natural honey, Spanakopita (spinach pie), figs, and grapes.  Lunch was served at noon which included Gyros with cucumber sauce and a healthy Greek salad.  All enjoyed in moderation of course… just like the Greeks!

Howell Nature Center and the Heifer Project

The camp trip to The Howell Nature Center was a moving experience. The children explored shelters of the world, developed leadership skills, and played GaGa ball.  The Howell Nature Center was an amazing experience. The children learned survival skills, dared a zip line, created and executed skits, sang songs around the campfire, and played a memorable game of flashlight tag.  They learned about the world’s population and compared it to the percent of resources each continent is consuming.  During their visit to the Global Village, the children imagined being a global citizen and explored an existence in which nothing – shelter, food, water or cooking fuel – could be taken for granted. During this visit, the children lived the lives of others, and something extraordinary happened. Their attitudes about individual action, community cooperation, and sustainable solutions for global hunger, poverty and the environment were transformed. This experience helped them understand the world – and their place in it.  The children donated $53.50 of their coffee profits to the Heifer Project while at camp.  Thank you for your support.  We can’t wait for Howell Nature Center Camp, 2013.