Willow Room Scrapbook

Characteristics of readiness and early school success include:

  • Ability to follow structured routines
  • Ability to dress independently
  • Ability to work independently with supervision
  • Ability to listen and pay attention to what someone else is saying
  • Ability to cooperate and get along with other children
  • Ability to follow simple rules
  • Ability to work with puzzles, scissors, coloring, paint, etc.
  • Ability to write name or are developing fine motor movements
  • Ability to count or acquire skill with instruction
  • Recite the alphabet or learn through instruction
  • Ability to identify shapes and colors
  • Ability to identify sounds and recognize rhyme

What will the Willow Room offer my child?

  • A highly qualified Montessori credentialed guide with 14 years of teaching expertise – Miss Liz Emery
  • A highly qualified assistant with a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University with a focus on Behavioral Psychology and Autism – Miss Gianna Palarchio
  • Direct supervision by highly qualified director that specializing in the first plane of development – Miss Tina Wallace
  • Oversight and direction from the Oxford Academy Head of School – Miss Amy Dressler
  • A fully prepared Montessori environment outfitted with a complete set of specialized materials
  • The “gift of time” to develop at his/her own pace to develop the intrinsic love of learning
  • Children will be actively engaged and working collaboratively in the classroom
  • Children will have access to all hands-on materials at their developmentally appropriate level
  • Individual, small-group, and large group time with the credentialed practitioner
  • Learning construct is embedded into all activities (literacy, numeracy, cultural studies)
  • Children are encouraged to play and explore; little use of worksheets
  • Outdoor play and physical activity daily
  • Children will receive and adapted curriculum based on his/her individual needs
  • Children and parents will be content and excited with the level of care, nurturing, and individual attention the Willow Room faculty will offer
  • Current ratio: 1:6