Toddler Program

Young children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years are in the midst of an explosion of abilities.  Given the proper guidance, these children will make enormous strides in their language development, problem-solving abilities, and socialization with adults and peers on their road to independence.

Oxford Academy offers a unique program utilizing the innovative methods of Dr. Maria Montessori to provide a respectful and stimulating environment for these young learners.  Toilet training is not a requirement, but is encouraged during the child’s time in the program.  Our Toddler Program is just what your child needs to facilitate his or her growth and development.

Dr. Montessori believed that the type and quality of early interactions with toddlers has a long lasting affect on a child’s future development.  The Oxford Academy toddler program fosters in the young child a sense of independence, a sense of order and cooperation both personally and within a group, in a specially prepared environment.


Our toddler classroom is a beautiful environment for learners, as well as their adult caregivers.  All furniture is scaled to the size of the children.  This is truly a child’s atmosphere.  The children move freely through this environment, selecting materials as they wish from the shelves, working with them on a table or a rug on the floor, and returning them when finished.  Young toddlers learn a respect for their environment while they fulfill their need for order and structure in their world.  The classroom consists of many hands-on materials that encourage curiosity and exploration.  In the toddler’s prepared environment there are activities to foster the care of themselves and their classroom and develop their senses.  They enjoy the many self-contained manipulative, simple puzzles, and books.  Most toddlers are not afraid to get messy and love the art and water area.